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Sewing & Dressmaking

Half-Scale Sewing Courses for the fashion curious.


I'm Britney

I started my career in fashion as a custom bridal gown designer and suffice it to say, it was more than tough getting started on my own. I wished for an easier, less expensive and time-consuming way to practice my sewing abilities so that I could improve for myself and my clients. 


I created Threadora to allow you to do just that, learn to create breathtaking gowns in a simplified half-scale form. Less material, less time, same valuable technique.

Dressmaker & Designer for Reign Bridal and 10+ years in the industry.


Inside Each Course:

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Printable PDF Half-Scale Sewing Pattern.


Walkthrough video tutorials of each construction step.


Materials list and fabric layout guidesheet.

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The Half-Scale Evening Gown

Course Collection

All the lights are dim, apart from a center spotlight. The surrounding audience casts a twinkle that shines like a starry sky. The air is sweet and smells of caramel corn and cinder. Smoke envelops from the middle, a figure appears ready to dazzle. As the music starts she gives a cheeky wink.

It's showtime.


Prima Ballerina, Primadonna, and Ringmistress. Gown patterns featuring tulle, fitted bodices, and daring silhouettes. Start today and learn classic dressmaking techniques at your own pace.

What People Say

"I had so much fun with this. I got to make something pretty without the stress of making it fit and it got me excited to start another sewing project!"
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Tory, on making Prima Ballerina

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My Patreon supporters help me provide  free tutorials & more. Consider membership for as little as $3 /month!

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