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Sewing & Dressmaking

Half-Scale Sewing Courses for the fashion curious.


I'm Britney

I started my career in fashion as a custom bridal gown designer and suffice it to say, it was more than tough getting started on my own. I wished for an easier, less expensive and time-consuming way to practice my sewing abilities so that I could improve for myself and my clients. 


I created Threadora to allow you to do just that, learn to create breathtaking gowns in a simplified half-scale form. Less material, less time, same valuable technique.

Dressmaker & Designer for Reign Bridal and 10+ years in the industry.


Inside Each Course:

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Printable PDF Half-Scale Sewing Pattern.


Walkthrough video tutorials of each construction step.


Materials list and fabric layout guidesheet.

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The Half-Scale Evening Gown

Course Collection

All the lights are dim, apart from a center spotlight. The surrounding audience casts a twinkle that shines like a starry sky. The air is sweet and smells of caramel corn and cinder. Smoke envelops from the middle, a figure appears ready to dazzle. As the music starts she gives a cheeky wink.

It's showtime.


Prima Ballerina, Primadonna, and Ringmistress. Gown patterns featuring tulle, fitted bodices, and daring silhouettes. Start today and learn classic dressmaking techniques at your own pace.