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  • What do the courses look like?
    Inside the courses are divided into sections for each major step. There is one video lesson per step running between 5-10 mins long. It's mobile friendly and you'll be able to go through at your own pace. Each course begins with an intro where you will find all your downloadable resources, like the PDF pattern.
  • How do I get access to the course?
    Simply enroll for your chosen course and set up an account right here on, that's it! You will see your pattern and course material immediately once you login under your "My Account" page. You access your course anytime on our lessons page or on the Spaces mobile app!
  • How long do I have access?
    Simple. Forever.
  • How long is the course? Is it a single class or multiple classes?
    Depending on the dress design, there are 6-8 pre-recorded video lessons included in each course. Each one is kept under or around 10 minutes in length.
  • Do I get all the materials to make the exact dress?
    No materials are provided but you do get a detailed materials list with your pattern PDF. This gives you total freedom to choose a different color or material so you can experiment! You can find out what was used in this post about fabric recommendations.
  • Do I need to be an experienced sewer?
    Absolutely not. Our patterns can be tackled by a beginner to an intermediate. We have graded them by difficulty (look for the moon phases), based on number of pieces and techniques covered but we are always available to provide support should you get stuck.
  • What kind of instruction is included?
    Remember, you are not just ordering a sewing pattern! Instead of receiving all files, all at once (that would be overwhelming) we have adopted a more online course approach to our file delivery system. We want you to complete your dress, so having a way to stop, start and mark complete as you go is amazing. Each design will include your digital pattern, which is easy to print at home. A Step-by-step guide, and access to a video walk-through series so you can see the process first-hand. Every dress course comes with a discussion group you will be able to comment, ask questions to our designer and others making the same project. You can find the group list here to start posting and sharing about your project.
  • What sewing equipment do I need?
    We recommend having access to a domestic machine, iron and ironing board, sharp shears or a rotary cutter, pins, pattern weights, seam gauge and a tailors ham for pressing. Check out the Loominary sewing shop page for some specialty curated sewing goods!
  • Do I need a half-scale dress form?
    No certainly not. We do not require you to have on hand a half-scale dress form or mannequin. On Skillshare we have a DIY version that you can make, use the link to get a free month!
  • How do I get my pattern? Is it an immediate download?
    Yes, once you purchase and log onto our website you will find the course under "My Programs" and the PDF download in the first step of the course. Please contact me if you are having issues logging in.
  • Are these doll patterns
    No. They are true standard size measurements but scaled to be half-sized. They won't fit any doll on the market that we know of.
  • Why are the patterns half-scale?
    The purpose of these patterns is for practicing your sewing technique. Half-scale will take you less time and less material while still experiencing the dressmaking steps of a full-sized dress.
  • Can I get a pattern customized to my size?
    At this time we do not offer patterns in any other size or full-sized dresses. We however are open to discuss commercial rights or custom commissions. Contact us for details.
  • How much will I spend on materials?
    It will vary on the dress and the quality of fabric you choose. It is considerably less than what a full-size dress would. Typically $40-$60. Sometimes we opt for scrap material or cotton muslin to save on costs. That’s the beauty of half-scale!
  • What can I do with the mini dress after?
    That's completely up to you! Keep it for display or reference, so when you ask yourself how did I do that fell-stitch on the lining? You'll be able to have a visual reference. You'll also have forever access to the video lesson as well. Take the DIY Mini Mannequin lesson on Skillshare for a nice display form!
  • Can I get a refund?
    We always aim for make sure you’re happy with our patterns. Always come to us first with any issues within 30 days. Due to the digital nature of the courses we cannot offer refunds. We'd be happy to address your issue and come up with an agreeable solution. Please review our full refund policy if your purchase relates to other goods in the shop.

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