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Prism Fabric Shears
  • Prism Fabric Shears

    A beautiful addition to your tool collection, the stunning Prism Shears by LDH has become an absolute favourite! The rainbow colour finish looks great on a shelf and adds that extra touch of magic to your cutting tasks.



    Handcrafted from industrial stainless steel and measures 9.5"



    These scissors go through a process called electroplating, which fuses a metal coating on the scissors and creates the prism colour effect; every pair of scissors has the inside of the blade manually covered so they are not coated. This ensures that the scissors are perfectly aligned and improves the sharpness of the blade.


    Recommended Use

    For use with light to medium-weight fabric. Great for sewing, quilting, and papercrafts.


    *This pair of shears is right-handed.*

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