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Threadora Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

On October 1st, 2019 we launched our ambitious crowdfunding campaign on the platform all about supporting female entrepreneurship: iFundWomen.

Campaign Summary

Create fantastical, high-fashion gowns with half-scale sewing patterns. Practice and perfect your dressmaking skills in a way that is affordable, convenient and allows for creativity.

If you've ever tried to make an evening gown you know full well it takes an excessive amount of time, effort and cost in materials.

Also, there is a lack of home sewing patterns teaching high-fashion designs to seamstresses serious about the craft. Ones that are available are geared to the beginner or hobby sewer. Designs are simplified and lack specialty. Threadora will offer a modern couture-inspired approach to the home sewing pattern.

By using a half-scale design method it reduces all aspects of the construction process by, well, half! Patterns are easier to work with, less material is used and wasted, and you have more time to spend on your creative avocation. Because it's proportional, you are still able to witness how they fabric drapes as if it were full scale. Any level of sewing skill will benefit from practicing using this method.

The Outcome

Although not reaching our full goal we were still able to secure enough pre-orders to start creating our website, dress samples, and the new video software. We just had to get a little creative with the rest ;).

An enormous THANK YOU to our early supporters. We couldn't have begun this project without you!

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