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Confessions of the Dress Obsessed

This is Reign Bridal: My First Bridal Collection

After a year of planning I am thrilled to give 🕊A preview of the Adaryn gown.🕊 I’ve always believed that a dress has magic and can make you feel strong and powerful.

The 2022 collection “Take Flight” symbolizes letting go of what holds you back from finding your truth. Your wings are stronger than you think.

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I‘d like to thank the following for being a part of the special shoot:

Hair: White House Salon, Brentwood Bay

reign bridal 2022 wedding dress collection

Creating a collection has always been a dream of mine and my dedication to practising my skill and developing Threadora has gotten me closer to that reality.

Reign is the goal, Threadora is the means. Set your mind on something and you can accomplish it. I'm here to help you in any way I can!

xo Britney

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