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Sewing & Other Things to do While Self-Quarantined

These are unprecedented times for sure. So many of us are having to stay home in precaution of COVID-19. I myself now find myself in lockdown for now until we get the all-clear from my husband's work. It's crazy how many people are affected just by one person's case. Being immune compromised myself, I certainly am erring on the side of caution. I will not be making appointments for personal fittings or consults for at least two weeks. I will still be completing current orders and arranging pickups so there should be very little delay.

Stay home, stay healthy, follow the health guidelines set out by your governing body and we'll get through this together!

To help encourage and alleviate the boredom of lockdown I've put both current courses on for 20% off until Friday, March 20th! No code is necessary. Start sewing today, use any fabric you have on hand or have someone grab some for you.


Get out that sketchbook and get your creativity flowing! Pencil, pen, watercolour, whatever method you prefer or try something new.


There are a lot of things you can make with scraps on hand. Try some scrunchies, new throw pillows for the couch to watch Netflix with. Combine the last task with this one and make some cool paper dolls like these:

photo: @eris_tran on Instagram


It's stressful times for sure, take this opportunity to care for your mind and body. A soothing bath, face mask, playing a game, yoga or meditation, however, it is that you choose to relax.


There are a ton of online courses like ours out there! Now is the perfect time to learn something you've always wanted to. Make the most of it! Me? I'm delving into learning the Tarot. It's something I've always been interested in and I love the story weaving and interpretation it lets you explore. Take a look at my daily spread on the day I learn my hubby would be quarantined:

Now, I'm not the most skilled at reading yet, but that's a pretty ominous spread if I say so! But ends with a positive, to take an opportunity from this chaotic time.

Take care,


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