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Ringmistress: Now on Skillshare!

The Ringmistress, half-scale sewing course is now available on Skillshare!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or an experienced pro, the Ringmistress course will help you unleash your creativity and become closer to being a master seamstress. From learning the basics of pattern cutting and fabric layout to putting the finishing touches on a professional-looking garment, this course has it all. Out of our 3 Dress sewing challenges, Ringmistress takes the cake in complexity but being half-scale benefits you greatly in a design such as this.

With Ringmistress on Skillshare, you will have exclusive access to high-quality video tutorials and step-by-step guides. I will guide you through every stage of the dressmaking and sewing process, giving you the confidence to complete ambitious projects and create unique evening gowns like this.

Don't wait any longer - sign up for Ringmistress on Skillshare and start your journey to becoming a master seamstress today! Click below to start your FREE trial of Skillshare and start your half-scale journey to accomplished Seamstress!

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