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Preserving A Wedding Gown For Storage

Boxing My Wedding Dress Ten Years Later

It's pretty crazy for me to think I made this gown 10 years ago. My sense of style has definitely changed since then but this dress will always be special to me. It has been hanging in my spare closet pretty much since after the wedding. After ten long years (happily married still) it was long overdue to be properly stored. It needed some minor repairs and cleaning first.

Hanging a wedding dress is not meant for longevity, the weight of these dresses stress the top and usually are kept in plastic which is also not good. The proper method is to keep in a box, wrapped in acid free tissue or muslin (for breathability).

This this video I take you through the process:

  • Spot treat and wash the gown

  • Reinforce some loose hand stitching

  • Iron and steam the gown once it's dry

  • Box it for storage with acid-free tissue

Box and archival tissue is from The Container Store.

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