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How to Use Your Bullet Journal For Sewing Projects

A sewing project involves a lot of steps, a lot of planning. I always think when starting a new design it's like figuring out a 240 piece puzzle. Here's how a go about planning out a new sewing project and the tools I use.


Now I'm pretty new to the BUJO scene, but prior to using one, I would use a clipboard and a blank sheet of paper. I find the dot grid easy to apply to different planning spreads.

The first thing to do is establish a key and reference page. This really comes in handy when keeping track of tasks.


I find planning out my week rather than a whole month or single day works best for me. I can look at what I need to be done this week, and if things get a bit off track (everything always takes longer than you think) I can migrate to the next week. As you can see below I also use the week to plan my social media posts as well!


When I begin sewing a new design I like to write out what I call a "plot", the making of story of a dress. It always begins with cutting and I work onward from there. I do this in pencil first so I can adjust as I go, but having an initial game plan is incredibly helpful.

The plot and space to make a quick reference sketch is a must. Other things you can add:

  • Fabric amounts as you cut

  • What notions you used

  • Time spent

  • and in-progress and post notes of anything you need to remember (this has saved my butt a thousand times)


Check out the Moons Dream Bullet Journal and start planning those projects!

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