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Confessions of the Dress Obsessed

All Courses on SALE! Teachers & Students Learn for FREE

We have begun a limited-time sale on all currently released courses! All the details are below.


Client orders have taken priority as of late and during this pandemic situation. We have had to put off creating the next course and can't wait to get back at it soon!

In the meantime, we want to help you pass the time in isolation by knocking our current two courses back to their pre-order price of 50% off!

and that's not all...


I was blessed to have two amazing sewing teachers when I was learning. One being my Grandmother, they set me down this path and I am so grateful to them and all teachers who shape the lives of so many. This saying is so true beyond words and it is exactly why I created Threadora.

If you're a teacher needing material for an online home-ec class, wanting to brush up your skills, or do something fun while you have the time. Please contact us and we'll gift you a course of your choice, FOR FREE. No strings attached, all-access pass for life.

The same goes for if you are a student missing out on your home-ec or sewing class at school. Contact us! You just have to provide some form of proof you attend an educational institution.

All offers above end MAY 31st, 2020. No exceptions, so get on this amazing opportunity! You won't regret it.

Stay Safe, Stay Home & Sew!


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