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A Designer's Take: Amiko Simonetti Collection

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I first came across the talented sketch artist Amiko Simonetti on Skillshare. Her class on fashion figures is free to watch and details the process so nicely. I followed of course and have been enjoying learning more about her experience in the fashion industry.

She recently made the finalist cut in the SHEIN x series where new designers competed to create a collection for the large fashion brand. Designers had to make their collection samples, create tech packages, source fabric, photograph the pieces, and do customer research to be ultimately successful. A few standout collections, including Amiko’s, were selected to be manufactured and sold for a limited time on SHEIN’s website.

What I found and loved about Amiko’s process was her use of half-scale to draft her patterns! Amiko admits she’s not a sewer. Stating “I find sewing to be tedious. I wish I loved it, but it is what it is.” Using her half-scale form, she could drape her designs and because of the smaller scale, it was easier to scan and input into her 3D pattern design software. Brilliant!

Although she finds her method “unusual” I, however, think it’s a very practical and efficient way to design. Why not try a half-scale sewing course to improve your skill. You can get started today!

Read Amiko's detailed post about her journey in creating her Jacket collection for full insight!

Congrats Amiko on all your hard work on this project! Can't wait to see where you go from here.


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