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4 Ways Sewing Is Actually a Form of Self-Care

Sewing, for me, has always been a way for me to focus and relax. There is no greater satisfaction than completing something you’ve made from scratch. I came across a wonderful article that explains this so effortlessly; I'll link it below.

Now, this is more true for those of us who sew purely for fun. If you sew for a living meaning your sole income is from selling your sewn goods or offering your services for money then it's a bit different for you.

But all of us start sewing because we love it, and that never changes. These are some of the things we all love about sewing and why it's more of a self-care activity than you may have thought.


Sewing is a repetitive act, despite sometimes being boring, an action that's repeated ultimately increases your belief that you can take on a situation that is otherwise out of their hands.

A life skill that is so valuable! It reduces stress and boosts your confidence.


Everyone needs time alone away from whatever is stressing you out currently. Some have a serene bathroom or bedroom where they can wind down. People with a passion create a that is a haven, where they are free to explore their hobby.

It doesn't have to be large or even an entire room just a spot to be you and sew to your heart's content with disruption.


The whole goal of meditation is to calm the mind, be present, and listen to your inner self. It's entirely about focus, but most of us think to meditate successfully is to have no thoughts. But that is just not true. Thoughts come and you let them pass.

Sewing is very similar, you exert an amount of focus that sets all other thoughts aside, not to mention a necessary creative expression.


Back in the 50s sewing was a common chore, nowadays fewer people know how to sew a button than you can believe. Those who do dazzle their friends and family with their me-made garments now have a talent that makes them unique.

If you don't feel the pull to turn your talent side-hustle then there's no extra pressure. You may think self-care needs to be easy to be enjoyable, but as Ling says in the article:

“The most enjoyable activities are not natural and they can demand an effort, but the completion of those activities, and learning the skill is fully, intrinsically rewarding."

I highly recommend reading the article for some added insight:

We, humans, need creative expression to feel fulfilled. Whatever that means for you, do it! If you want to learn to sew an easy way is with a pattern. Check out the Showtime Collection and start today!

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